Public Adjusting

What Is a Public Adjuster?

Unfortunately, when a large loss happens to your home, you may find yourself unsure of what to do. You have homeowners insurance, which covers a lot of things… but you may not know where to turn to get started.

When these situations occur, the insurance companies work hard at adjusting claims internally, and it is in their best interest to settle claims in-house for a few reasons. However, because their adjusters are in-house, they often look for things that could be included but deny it because of the wording in the policy and contract because of the type of claim.

Having a public adjuster work on your claim allows someone who is fighting for your best interest in the claim and negotiates on your behalf with the insurance.


Do I Need a Public Adjuster?

When you have an unexpected property damage loss, your insurance company has a team of experts ready to assess the damage and calculate the losses. It’s in your best interest to have someone who is advocating on your behalf. 

The main reasons people hire public adjusters:

There are many reasons you may choose to hire a public adjuster to handle your claim. Many people hire us to work on their claim and then do the work as it is a seamless transition and saves not only money but time!


    • Large losses
    • To save time
    • To maximize benefits
    • Poor communication with the insurance company
    • Disagreements with decisions

    The top 6 reasons you need to hire a public adjuster

    If you have suffered a loss and are trying to decide whether you should hire a public adjuster, do not second guess your thoughts. We have worked with hundreds of homeowners who wish they would have called us sooner. Having us on your side to advocate on behalf of your claim not only saves you time and money, but it also saves you the frustration of having to deal with the insurance company and their adjusters. Call us today at 833-643-2637 (MID-AMER) to discuss your loss with one of our public adjusters.

    Time Savings

    Filing a claim and following up with your claim are time sensitive and must be done right. Public adjusters help with both of these because they not only save your time, but they handle every aspect of the claim for you, so it also saves you from the time spent stressing about your loss and claim.


    Claims Expertise

    Our licensed public adjusters are dedicated to what they do best; and more importantly, have the experience in claims to help you get the best outcome. The same way doctors work within the health industry, our public adjusters have the claims expertise to handle your losses.

    Faster Resolution

    Having a public adjuster handle your claim ensures that there will be less negotiation between the insurance and you, which will make the resolution occur quicker. This means quicker payment and an easier transition to get the work completed on your home.

    Better and quicker payment

    Policyholders who work with public adjusters tend to get higher compensation than they would have gotten if they worked directly with the insurance. This is simply because the insurance company has its best interest at heart while the adjuster has yours.


    Essential contacts

    Public Adjusters have important essential contacts within the insurance industry along with the construction industry that would benefit you and your claim. Lucky for you, with at our company, Mid America Exteriors all of those contacts happen to be under one roof!

    Protecting your rights

    Public Adjusters focus on protecting your rights within your insurance policy and maximizing your benefit. We know that going through a loss is not easy, but knowing that is passionate about protecting you, your rights, and maximizing your claim helps.

    Don’t just take our word for it, see what some

    of our happy customers are saying!

    From the day they explained what a Public Adjuster is, to handling every aspect of the insurance, to making sure the roof was completed correctly. I appreciated being informed at every aspect of the process and the roof is awesome. You even roofed the dog house to match. Yes I did notice:) I could not be happier with my experience and will highly recommend you to all my friends.

    - Jim K

    They replaced our siding and roof couple years ago! A year later, we found out that some of our siding was ripping from the side because of high winds. They sent a tech in 2 days to get it fixed right away and resolved the issue free of charge! 

    - Sal K