Window Installation,
Window Replacements
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Window Installation

Window installations can be a one step or two step process depending on if you need to replace the entire framing of the window, or if that needs to be reframed. This is why scheduling an appointment with one of our window installation experts is the first step. To do this, give us a call today at 833-643-2637 (MID-AMER).

If we determine that your framing is solid, we can easily install your new window and strip off the old paint and repaint or stain the frames. If the framing needs to be replaced, we would install that in your installation price.

There are many window options to choose from, and we always provide you energy efficient window replacement options and window styles that best fit your home and its unique style.


Window Repair & Replacement

How long do windows last?

The average lifespan of windows is anywhere from 15 to 20 years. If you maintain your windows well and choose high-quality products they can last longer, however, if your windows are around 20-years old, it is probably time to think about replacing them.

How do I know when to replace my windows?

There are many signs that your windows may need to be replaced. Some of the most common signs that you need new windows are:

– You hear outside noise inside
– You can feel a draft of air by your windows when they are closed
– The window frames are chipper or have visible water damage
– Condensation between the layers of glass
– You are having trouble fully closing or locking your windows

These are all signs that it may be time for a window replacement. Call us today at 833-643-2637 (MID-AMER) for a no-obligation estimate and we will come to assess your windows and determine if replacements are necessary.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what some

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From the day they explained what a Public Adjuster is, to handling every aspect of the insurance, to making sure the roof was completed correctly. I appreciated being informed at every aspect of the process and the roof is awesome. You even roofed the dog house to match. Yes I did notice:) I could not be happier with my experience and will highly recommend you to all my friends.

- Jim K

They replaced our siding and roof couple years ago! A year later, we found out that some of our siding was ripping from the side because of high winds. They sent a tech in 2 days to get it fixed right away and resolved the issue free of charge! 

- Sal K